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Real Groping On Bus Or Train

Brothers of Italy - Inno di Mameli

Fratelli d'Italia,
l'Italia s'è desta,
dell'elmo di Scipio
s'è cinta la testa.
Dov'è la Vittoria?
Le porga la chioma,
che schiava di Roma
Iddio la creò.
Stringiamoci a coorte,
siam pronti alla morte.
Siam pronti alla morte,
l'Italia chiamò.
Stringiamoci a coorte,
siam pronti alla morte.
Siam pronti alla morte,
l'Italia chiamò, sì!

Noi fummo da secoli
calpesti, derisi,
we are not one people,
we are divided.

Let one flag, one hope: to be unified

time already played.
join in cohort, We are ready to
Ready to die,
Italy called, yes!

Let us unite, join, union and love

Show the people the ways of the Lord.

swear to free Our native soil
united under God,
Who can defeat us?
join in cohort, We are ready to
Ready to die,
Italy called, yes!

From the Alps to Sicily,
Legnano is everywhere;
Every man has the heart and hand;
The children of Italy Are all called
the sound of each ring
the Vespers .
join in cohort, We are ready to
Ready to die,
Italy called, yes!

Son that drunk
swords sold;
Already the Eagle of Austria
Has lost his plumes.
The blood of Italy and the Polish blood

She drank with the Cossack,
But it burned her heart.
join in cohort, We are ready
Ready to die,
Italy called, yes!

the helmet of Scipio
: Italy has once again head the helmet of Scipio (Scipio Africanus), the Roman general who in 202 BC defeated at Zama (current Algeria), the Carthaginian general Hannibal. Italy has returned to fight.

Let her bow down : Victory will be in Rome, namely Italy. In ancient Rome the slaves were cut your hair. So the victory will give her hair because it is cut, perché la Vittoria è schiava di Roma che sarà appunto vincitrice.

coorte : nell'esercito romano le legioni (cioè l'esercito), era diviso in molte coorti. Stringiamoci a coorte significa quindi restiamo uniti fra noi combattenti che siamo pronti a morire per il nostro ideale.

calpesti : calpestati

Raccolgaci : la lingua di Mameli è la lingua poetica dell'Ottocento. Questo raccolgaci in italiano moderno sarebbe ci raccolga, a subjunctive which compares the direct pronoun. The meaning is: we must collect, hold together.

one hope: another literary or archaic word. means hope. But there is no wonder too if Mameli use these words. In the language of the songs of pop music around 1950, these words are still.

us together: the years of Goffredo Mameli Italy is still divided into many small states. The text says that it is time to merge, to achieve national unity.

for God : double interpretation as possible. For God is a Frenchman, and therefore means "by God" if we are united by God, by God, no one will ever win.
What is certain is that in Italian, "for God" can also be a curse, an exclamation rather strong. Who will ever want to understand Goffredo Mameli? As he had twenty years we like to think that he wanted to play on the double meaning (at the bottom of his relations with the Vatican were not very good, so much so that just died in Rome, where he fought for the Republic)

Legnano is everywhere: every Italian town, Legnano is the place where in 1176 the Lombard communes defeated the German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

Ferruccio : every man is like Francesco Ferrucci, l ' man who defended Florence in 1530 by Emperor Charles V.

Balilla : is the nickname of the baby with the launch of a stone in 1746 began the revolt of Genoa against the Austro-Piedmontese

Vespers : In 1282 the Sicilians rebelled against the French invaders, one evening, at the hour of evening. The revolt was then called the Sicilian Vespers revolt

swords sold : the soldiers as mercenaries bent reeds and the eagle, symbol of Austria, lost their feathers.

Blood Polish : Austria, allied with Russia (the Cossack) drank Polish blood, dismembered and divided Poland. But this blood drinking poison the hearts of the oppressors


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